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Workplace Training


We strongly believe in a practical, proactive approach in managing employer/employee relationships. Our experience has taught us that a little employee education and training goes a long way to fostering a healthy and productive work environment, mitigating employment-related legal risks, addressing legal concerns, reducing litigation expenses, and educating managers, employees, investigators and human resources professionals about their responsibilities. To that end, we have retained a former adult learning executive and adjunct instructor at Cornell’s ILR School to assist in the development of our programs. We offer interactive, comprehensive training in the areas of:

  • new manager do’s and don’ts
  • hiring and firing
  • harassment and discrimination
  • employee relations & human resources matters
  • employee privacy
  • record-keeping and regulatory compliance
  • simple and complex workplace investigations

We also will work with your company to develop programs that not only address company or firm concerns, but also are tailored to the industry and culture of your organization.

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