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Employment Law


The modern workplace brings new challenges to employers and employees. We work with both employers and individuals, counseling both to find sensible solutions to their employment issues. To view our Executive Law areas and individual offerings, see here. Our friendly and knowledgeable employment law attorneys have extensive experience addressing employment legal challenges, such as:

  • hiring decisions
  • discipline and termination issues
  • layoffs and reductions-in-force (RIFs)
  • wage and hour compliance and audits
  • overtime and unpaid wages
  • internal policy compliance
  • wrongful termination
  • leaves of absence
  • pre-employment screening, drug testing, and background checks
  • reasonable accommodations
  • employment discrimination and harassment
  • sexual harassment and hostile work environment
  • employee privacy rights
  • whistleblower rights
  • FINRA Form U-5 and common law defamation
  • start-up compliance with employment laws

We routinely assist clients in drafting and negotiating various personnel documents and agreements, including:

  • job applications
  • employee handbooks and policies
  • offer letters and employment contracts
  • non-compete, non-disclosure, confidentiality and trade secrets agreements
  • independent contractor and consulting agreements
  • sexual harassment and EEO policies
  • affirmative action plans
  • separation and severance agreements and releases
  • reduction-in-force (RIF) plans

We strongly believe in a practical, proactive approach in managing employer/employee relationships. Our experience has taught us that a little employee education and training goes a long way to fostering a healthy and productive work environment, mitigating employment-related legal risks, addressing legal concerns, reducing litigation expenses, and educating managers, employees, investigators and human resources professionals about their responsibilities. We are so invested in this philosophy that we retained a former adult learning executive and adjunct instructor at Cornell’s ILR School to assist in the development of our programs. Please see here for our workplace training program offerings.

In a perfect world, proactive training would be enough and employers would not have to conduct internal workplace investigations. However in the real world, employees are people, who come to work with different experiences. Whatever the experience, employees may feel unfairly treated or may cause conflicts affecting the workplace, and, in many situations, employers are required to investigate the issues. Workplace investigations have risks. A shoddy investigation may do more harm than good, raising questions about the integrity of the results as well as casting doubt about the employer’s commitment to treating employees fairly. There also is the risk that an employer may not like what the investigation uncovers. It may reveal that a pivotal employee has committed offenses that require termination; it may require addressing systemic problems, which raise the specter of litigation. At BLN, we lead and also conduct simple to complex internal investigations concerning employment-related and workplace issues. Our team of professionals has experience in managing and conducting sensitive matters discreetly and in a defensible manner. Our investigators also understand the time sensitivity to completing investigations quickly and where the attorney work product and attorney/client privileges apply.

To learn more about our workplace investigation practice, please see here.

In addition to BLN’s counseling, training and investigation practices, we represent our clients in administrative proceedings and employment-related litigation. We take a comprehensive view on each individual case in order to determine how to guide you most efficiently from the very start. During your initial consultation, our employment law attorneys will gather all the important details before creating a plan of action to ensure the best possible outcome. Please see here for the type of disputes we handle.

We take pride in educating our clients about their rights as well as current state and federal employment laws and regulations. We would be pleased to assist in drafting and negotiating your employment forms and agreements, to advise you on discipline, termination and workplace issues, to represent your company or you in an employment-related dispute, or to develop and facilitate workplace training for your company.

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