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Our attorneys know the ins and outs of the hospitality industry. Many of our attorneys have previously worked in or currently own establishments in the industry and therefore understand the issues that such businesses face. With our interdisciplinary approach, BLN brings the expertise of all of its practice groups to bear in advising its hospitality clients.

Restaurants, Bars, Night Clubs and Lounges

Restaurants and drinking establishments in New York are big business, and these establishments are subject to special regulatory and public pressures and needs. The firm is familiar with these needs, from litigation with difficult landlords, to working with regulatory bodies, to defending against claims from the public. We are also familiar with Department of Consumer Affairs regulations and authorities, which is necessary for obtaining sidewalk cafes. These establishments are also frequent targets for employment claims, such as sexual harassment and hostile work environment claims. We can help.

Health Clubs and Spas

The attorneys at BLN regularly work with fitness clubs and spas throughout the U.S. and have provided legal advice to such businesses across their entire business life cycle. We have successfully negotiated credit facilities for a national chain of gymnasiums and helped with the formation and early growth stages of cutting edge exercise facilities.


The operation of hotels, motels and short-term stay establishments presents special legal challenges. The firm has extensive experience in the legal needs of hotel managers and operators, including transactional work (such as management contracts, licensing contracts, and rewards agreements) and litigation / arbitration of management agreements. Our attorneys have performed legal services for the largest global hotel chains operating today.

Liquor Licenses

Liquor licenses are complex, and so is the New York State Liquor Authority. The firm can help you navigate that complexity, and help with your applications for liquor licenses, whether a fresh license or an application to transfer from an existing facility. We can also assist you in communicating with the SLA, in meeting your deadlines for maintaining your existing license, and if necessary, with litigation associated with that license.

Intellectual Property

Proper branding and intellectual property protection is an absolute necessity for hospitality companies. Even before the doors open on a new business a company should consider the possibility of trademark, trade dress, and copyright protection. A bit of preparation will go a long way toward protecting a successful business from competitors seeking to capitalize on its success.

Employment Issues

Hospitality law has many intersections with employment law: employee training, avoidance of sexual harassment litigation, and proper employment agreements are critical. Frequently hospitality companies must also engage in extensive negotiations with unions. The firm has experience in all these areas, and can help.

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